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[Exotic] Lo-fi Production Loot [Drop]

This meticulously curated collection combines the best of our renowned sound libraries, including Astral Art, Lagoon, DreamDaze, Lo-Fi Candy and Fireside Drums

6 Packs

Priced for fairness and value, this drop is your all-access pass to a world of sonic excellence. Elevate your music, captivate your audience, and redefine your sound with this extraordinary compilation. The ultimate journey into sound begins here – seize it now.

DreamDaze (Serum Presets)

Embark on a sonic odyssey with "DreamDaze", our latest treasure trove for producers seeking to elevate their soundscapes. Immerse yourself in the lush, otherworldly textures of 40 meticulously crafted Serum presets that redefine the boundaries of musical expression. While expertly curated for the ethereal realms of lo-fi production, what sets DreamDaze apart is its boundless adaptability. These presets are not confined by genre conventions, serving as a versatile palette for your creative endeavors. Transform your compositions into sonic masterpieces, whether you're sculpting dreamy lo-fi atmospheres or venturing into uncharted musical territories. Make "DreamDaze" an indispensable ally in your production arsenal, unlocking a realm of sonic possibilities. Embrace the extraordinary and let your music transcend the ordinary with each evocative note. Your journey to musical enchantment begins here.

Astral Art (MIDI)

Introducing our latest masterpiece, "Astral Art". Immerse yourself in a world of boundless musical possibilities with this must-have collection of 20 meticulously crafted MIDI files. While thoughtfully curated for the enchanting realms of lo-fi production, what sets Astral Art apart is its unparalleled versatility. These MIDI gems are not confined by genre boundaries; instead, they serve as a canvas for your creativity, ready to be shaped into the musical landscape of your choosing. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting your musical journey, Astral Art empowers you to transcend the ordinary. Elevate your compositions, experiment with different tempos, and breathe life into your tracks with this exceptional MIDI kit. Unleash your artistic potential and make "Astral Art" an indispensable tool in your production arsenal. Your adventure begins here.

Fireside Drums (Drum Kit)

Ignite your productions with the rhythmic brilliance of "Fireside Drums". This powerhouse collection boasts a comprehensive array of one-shot drums meticulously designed to elevate your sonic landscape. With 20 bass & 808s, 5 claps, 6 FX and foley elements, 13 hi-hats, 16 kicks, 14 open hats, 11 percs, 15 rimshots, and 13 snares, Fireside Drums is a must-have for producers seeking to craft beats that resonate with unparalleled impact. While expertly curated for the captivating realms of lo-fi production, the versatility of these one-shot drums transcends genre limitations. From the pulsating beats of hip-hop to the timeless allure of boom bap, Fireside Drums provides the essential building blocks for sonic innovation. Make each beat a masterpiece, infuse your compositions with energy, and set your productions ablaze with "Fireside Drums". Your journey to rhythmic excellence starts here.

Lagoon (Drum Loops)

Dive into the rhythmic oasis of creativity with "Lagoon", our latest essential for producers seeking unparalleled sonic landscapes. This pack boasts 20 meticulously crafted drum loops, each a gateway to immersive musical experiences. What sets Lagoon apart is its inclusion of both complete loops and stems, a game-changer for producers who demand absolute control over their sound. The stems provide individual access to each drum component, allowing you to fine-tune and customize every beat with precision. In the realm of lo-fi production, Lagoon reigns supreme, delivering ethereal drum loops that transport your audience to sonic paradises. But the magic doesn't stop there – these loops are versatile alchemists, seamlessly transforming into the heartbeats of hip-hop and boom bap genres. Elevate your productions, amplify your creativity, and make "Lagoon" an indispensable companion in your musical journey. Unleash the power of rhythm, one beat at a time.

MystiMelodies (Melodys)

Step into the enchanting realm of "MystiMelodies", where musical magic meets boundless creativity. Unleash the power of 12 captivating ambiance loops, 12 fully finished melodic masterpieces, 18 phrases to infuse your unique style, and 33 song starters to ignite the spark of your next hit. MystiMelodies is not just a pack; it's a treasure trove of sonic possibilities designed to inspire and elevate your productions. Crafted with precision and care, this melody pack is your passport to weaving intricate musical tales, whether you're creating atmospheric lo-fi compositions or venturing into unexplored genres and musical phenomena. Chop, slice, slow down, halftime, reverse, or flip these melodies – the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. MystiMelodies is not just a must-have; it's an essential companion for producers ready to push boundaries and redefine the musical landscape. Elevate your artistry, captivate your audience, and embark on a legendary musical journey with MystiMelodies. The extraordinary awaits at your fingertips.

Lo-Fi Candy (FX Sounds)

Indulge your senses in the sweet symphony of "Lo-Fi Candy". Elevate your productions with 26 meticulously crafted sound effects, ranging from the nostalgic crackles of vinyl to tantalizing ambience and glitch pop FX. Immerse your audience in a world of warmth and character, where each sonic element adds a touch of magic to your compositions. While carefully curated for the realms of lo-fi production, Lo-Fi Candy is a versatile treasure trove that transcends genre boundaries. These FX loops are more than just accents; they are the secret sauce that transforms your mixes into a sensory delight. From ambient undertones to glitchy accents, this kit is your passport to creating music that not only stands out but envelops your audience in an immersive auditory experience. Make "Lo-Fi Candy" an essential part of your sonic toolkit, and let your music resonate with warmth and character that lingers in the ears and hearts of your listeners. Unleash the power of sound and sweeten your compositions with Lo-Fi Candy.

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